Friday, January 28, 2011

ughh testing...

Is that possible to say that I have improved?
but then when I had my first drawing I was quirt noob at it I am still at it today,,

back then this was one of the few image I drew back in 2009, I started drawing anime at the age of 10 back in 2006 and now it's 2011

over all I was quiet happy and carefree how I drew anime, many people often told me how good I am, yes back then I still that... but now looking back I didn't notice how much I've improve once I looked back though my deviantart. all I could do now is keep draw

in 2010 I started going digital thanks with the help of YouTube, I settle quiet well after going though some tutor videos, one of my favorite is he was the one who helped me the most over all I'm grateful for him
he lives in Canada,,, and I live in Australia but honestly who cares rofl xD

now looking back you may say that is horrible but this was one of the few digital image I had yes the eyes were weird and shit but back then all I wanted to do was to improve... in digital image
no I think about why the eyes are soo out of place =__="

moving on,, as the year went on, I went on a stop on drawing for a while due to school and stuff, but overall I did miss it so I added a YouTube account to start adding in videos' for my drawing which is also known for "anime speed paints"

I only upload the ones i think it's going to turn out pretty good but after watching up I take out the errors and try to re do on that,, I guess YouTube does help after all.

near the end of 2010 I wanted to get dead serious with drawing,, not because I feel I'll be using it in the future it's because I want to get better at it, I want to feel good at something that I'm pro at something not just a talent sure I can draw but is it something that people can look and say "wow that is so awesome!" sadly no I have not reach that area yet yes I'm only 14 turning 15 soon I still have another 3-5 years to be on top,, but is it enough do I need another 3 years to be pro do I need to change something
I hate myself for not noticing what I want, with school, friends and even family there is so much things in life i could do I want to be good in something and that something is drawing but in my blood I know there is no one in my family who is a pro artist not even in my father or mother know
so I ask myself can I just draw good because I was born like that or am I forcing myself to draw good... I question myself when I can.

sorry for my rant,, till this day I am still improving and I say a big thank you for everyone who has supported me to this day and a special one to my uncle for buying my a bamboo tablet though some days it doesn't work donno why =__=" but thank you <3

Im sorry if it's such a aelfish wish...

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