Friday, June 17, 2011

My Vocaloid ?

So I made myself a new vocaloid; I didn't spent days making it. I spent my whole english lesson making it. Thank Macbeth.

Moving on, this all started in english, I got got and started drawing. In the book Macbeth made by Shakespeare it talks about death, magic, riddles, power also known as being king, betray, etc and so on. I didn't mind what happens in the story, but it was one of those book where you know what is going to happen, but the question is how is it going to happen ?

So I made a vocaloid who was completely opposite to that.

So meet; Aoi 青い

Yep so you know what that means she has to sing one day; of course i'll put my voice in it, and full on auto tune it. I have a deep voice so I don't know how this was going to work?