Friday, January 28, 2011

think and draw

so it's time
to finally start a blog and just not do shit and give up I think and tried on every site possible in the end Blogger was my thing though the layout could be much better I guess it's not something where we post picture and expect people to re blog it,, or code unber hard to make the page look awesome
I don't really mind but boy it's sooo hard to keep up
so in the end,, it was best for me to keep it simple as much as I hate it I'll try it out mnn,

so anyways, I'm not sure still how to work this thing but overall hopefully i will but anyways thanks for listening I hope I'l be able to post more shit down...

this is currently a WIP,, I need to finish it off,, for myself that is...
but overall I think it's okay for a noob I wamt to get better at it if that is okay with everyone sigh will I....

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